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Polymer Js Composite Waterproof Paint/ Construction Material/ Liquid Coating

Polymer Js Composite Waterproof Paint/ Construction Material/ Liquid Coating

Package Size 30.00cm * 25.00cm * 36.00cm Package Gross Weight 20.000kg Product introduction:Polymer cement (JS) waterpro;
Basic Info.
Model NO. I/ II, single/double component
Material Polymer
Thickness 1.5mm
Surface Treatment Roll Coated
Function Waterproof
Color White
Usage Outdoor, Indoor
Transport Package Pallet
Specification 20kg/barrel
Trademark YOUSUNNY, Yuxiang
Origin Xinxiang, Henan, China
HS Code 3208909090
Production Capacity 10000 Tons/Year
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 30.00cm * 25.00cm * 36.00cm Package Gross Weight 20.000kg
Product Description

Product introduction:Polymer cement (JS) waterproof coating is a new type of green waterproof coating recommended by the Ministry of Construction.It is a two-component waterproof coating composed of organic liquid and inorganic powder. It is a kind of organic material with high elasticity. , and a new type of waterproof material with the advantages of good durability of inorganic materials.After coating, a high-strength and high-elastic waterproof coating film can be formed, and a colored coating can be prepared as required.

Features:Can be applied on wet or dry substrates of various materials.The coating is tough and high-strength, excellent in water resistance, weather resistance and durabilityPigment can be added to form a color coatingNon-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, safe and simple construction, short construction periodConstruction does not flow on facades, slopes and topsIt can be firmly bonded with various outer materials such as base surface and cement mortar.High temperature resistance up to 140°C

Application scenarios:All kinds of old and new buildings and structures (for example: roofs, underground,exterior walls, toilets, tunnels, bridges, pools,etc.) of houses can be used inwaterproofing projects.
Instructions for use:If the paint (especially the primer) has precipitation, stir it evenly at any time.The coating should be as uniform as possible without local precipitation, and it is required to roll it several times so that there are no air bubbles between the coating and the base layer, and the adhesion is tight.Each layer of coating must be taken according to the specified amount, and it must not be too thick or too thin. If the final waterproof layer is not thick enough, one or more layers can be added, and the total number of coatings should not be less than 3 layers.The time interval between each layer shall be subject to the drying and non-sticking of the previous layer of coating film (it usually takes 3-6 hours, the site temperature is low, the humidity is high, the ventilation is poor, the drying time is longer, and vice versa)It cannot be applied below 0°C or in the rain, and it is not suitable for application in a particularly humid and unventilated environment, which will affect the film formation.

Polymer Js Composite Waterproof Paint/ Construction Material/ Liquid Coating

Storage and transportation:Keep out of the sun and rain and keep the packaging intact.The liquid material must be stored in a cool place above 5°C; the powder material must be stored in a dry place, and the shelf life is 1 year.Precipitation is normal, stir well and use normally.

Technical Data GB/T 23445-2009
Technical Data
Item 1 2 3
1Solid content,% ≥707070
Tensile Strength
No treatment,Mpa ≥
3Elongation at breakNo treatment,% ≥2008030
4Flexibility at Low Temperature(ф10mm Stick)(-10ºC)No Crack
5Impermeability(0.3Mpa,30min) ≥impermeableimpermeableimpermeable
6Adhesive strength on wet substrate,
Mpa ≥

Company Profile:Henan Yuxiang Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. It is located in Weibin Industrial Park, national Xinxiang economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a professional waterproof production enterprise integrating R & D, design consulting, production, sales and construction.Our company is more than 10 years, our products are good quality and can be tested by the third party. We have been cooperating with China Railways since 2016. We mainly produce waterproof membrane and waterproof coating.

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