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Solvent Based Single Component PU Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

Solvent Based Single Component PU Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

Red/Grey/Black Single Component PU Coating From China Factory Single-component polyurethane waterproof coating Descripti;
Basic Info.
Material PU
Thickness 1.0-1.5mm
Surface Treatment Finish Coat
Function Waterproof
Certification ISO, MSDS
Color Red, Grey , Black
Usage Outdoor, Indoor
Method Brush,Spray
Transport Package Pallet
Specification 20kg/pail
Origin China
Production Capacity 1900000 Tons/Year
Product Description
Red/Grey/Black Single Component PU Coating From China Factory
Single-component polyurethane waterproof coating

Product is a moisture-cured waterproof coating, form a seamless film by absorbing moisture from the air; with high flexibility and elongation, strong ability to substrates deformation, waterproof life up to 15 years.
Feature & Benefit

1. Packed in one component and ready to use. It avoids the quality instability induced by the inappropriate compounding of two or three components.
2. The performance is stable. It possesses the property of aging-resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fatigue resistance as well as high and low temperature resistance.
3. Environmentally-friendly.
4. Good leveling property, simple construction. After coating, it will react with moisture in the air and cure, forming a compact, seamless, tough and high elastic waterproof film.

5. It can be compounded with high polymer membrane and self-adhesive modified bitumen waterproof membrane to form a compound waterproof system.
Main Application
1. Non-exposed roof
2. Underground
3. Indoor bathroom and kitchen
4. Non-potable water waterproof construction
Substrate Preparation
All Surfaces
The substrate needs to be strong and smooth, clean and dry. Fill the holes with cement mortar. The flaws such as honey comb should also be repaired.
The external and internal corner are made to be arc.
Internal corner: D≥ 50mm
External corner: D≥ 10mm.
Application Guidance

1. Leveling
Substrate should be smooth and firm.
2. Cleaning
No garbage, floating pulp on the substrate, keep it dry.
3. First coating
The first layer should be very thin, covering the substrate is enough, less than 0.5mm thickness.
4. Second & Third coatings
Apply the second layer provided the first layer is cured. Coating direction is vertical to the first one and then the third layer's direction is the same as the first one.
Technical Data Sheet
Implement Standard: GB/T19250-2013
1FeaturesUniform sticky liquid,
no gel and no lump
2Solid content,% ≥8590.4
3Surface drying time, h≤128
4Fully drying time, h≤2420
5Tensile strength, MPa≥22.97
6Elongation at break,%≥500542
7Tear strength, N/mm≥1526
8Low temperature flexibility,ºC≤-35 ºC no crackingPass
9Water tightness 0.3MPa 120minWatertightPass

Recommend dosage: 1.65 kg/sqm, 1mm thickness, total thickness no less than 1.5mm
Shelf life
Do not store product exposed to weather and sun. When kept in a cool, dry and protect area, sealed pail have a 12-months shelf life.
1. Second layer is the thickest one, the third one is very thin, just for leveling.
2. Interval time depends on the application site, but typically full drying time is about 20 hours.
3. Fiber reinforcing layer is necessary for inside corner internal corner, floor drain, pipe joints etc, the lap width should not be less than 100mm, extensive application after joints treatment.
4. Use PU out after opening, time within 30 minutes. Long-term storage will cause the forming of a thin film on the surface. Remove this when application. Does not affect the performance of product.

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