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Waterproof High Breathable Membrane Underlayment for Roof

Waterproof High Breathable Membrane Underlayment for Roof

Overview Product Description Synthetic roofing underlayment is an excellent 100% synthetic roofing underlayment designed;
Basic Info.
Model NO. Roofing Underlayment
Ceiling Tile Type PVC Ceilings
Surface Treatment Smooth or Fabric Coated
Function Waterproof
Certification ISO, MSDS, CE
Color Customized
Usage Outdoor
Material Composition Polyolefin
Weight Per Roll 17.8 Lbs (8.1kg) /1000sq.FT
Limited Warranty 20 Years
Temperature Range -40°f to 240°f
Thickness(Mil) 6.3
Rolls Per Pallet 64
Rolls Per 40hq-36 Pallets 2304
Roll Size 48 "X250FT
Water Shower Exposure ASTM D 4869
Quv Accelerated Weathering Test 1200 Hou >87%
Hydrostatic Resistance ASTM D751
Fastener Pull-Through Resistance ASTM D228
Tear Strength MD/CD 27/23
Water Vapor Transmission (Us Perm) <0.05
Tensile Strength MD/CD 107/94
Transport Package Roll
Trademark QINDING
Origin China
HS Code 3926909090
Production Capacity 16000000 M2/Month
Product Description

Product DescriptionSynthetic roofing underlayment is an excellent 100% synthetic roofing underlayment designed for 15 lb/30lb asphalt felt replacement.
It can be used for steep slope roofing to provide a lasting layer of protection against wind driven rain, shingle blow offs and damage caused by adverse weather conditions. It is designed to use under wood,asphalt, synthetic shingles, residential metal and cedar shakes.
It meets and exceeds all required industry standards.

Production Specification
1.Much Stronger than regular Type 15 30 felt2.Resistant to tear & stretch around fasteners3.Skid-resistant polymer coating provides traction and a safer working surface4.Wider offering greater coverage5.100% recyclable material, manufactured from recyclable material6.More effective and lighter in comparison to regular Type 15lb felt7.Won't crack, buckle or warp: Perfect synthetic roofing underlayment will support no - mold, no oil leaching and has no hazardous properties.8.Enhanced UV Resistant9.Pre-printed nailing pattern and overlap lines for speedy installation

UV RESISTANCE Stands up to the effects of UV rays for up to 3 months of worry-free exposure
Building Code and Roofing Standard Compliance:
ASTM D4869

Our Product Advantages:1.Excellence roof deck slip resistant 2.100% Recyclable, Environment Friendly 3.Ease of installation 4.Nonwoven slip resistant walking surface 5.UV 90 days exposure, 20 years limited warranty
Non-slip layer is the upper layer made by non-woven and it can be printing with over lapping lines and logos etc.Woven fabric layer is made by high tensile strength woven fabric, mainly used as tensile strength layer.Coating layer is used as waterproof layer.
Product application:Membranes are commonly use as waterproof underlay beneath the roof covering, which impervious to any wind driven rain or snow that gets blown through the roof covering, even when in direct contact with timber rafters and insulation.
It provides your roof with an extra layer of protection that shingles alone can't match.It can be used for steep slope
roofing to provide a lasting layer of protection against wind driven rain, shingle blow offs and damage caused by adverse weather conditions.
It is designed to use under wood, asphalt, synthetic shingles, residential metal and cedar shakes.

American roof underlayment
For USA market, non-woven are laminated with PE woven with PE coating are used as roof underlayment and house wrap.
They performs very well in function with high tensile strength.
The roof underlayment is as below:
1.Non-slip layer is the upper layer made by non-woven and it can be printing with over lapping lines and logos etc.
2.PE woven layer is made by PE woven, mainly used as tensile strength layer.
3.PE coating layer is used as waterproof layer.
The color of PE woven, grammage, printing can be ordered according to customer's requirement.

Product standard

meets or exceeds the following code standards

Water Vapour Transmission (g/m2,24h,≥)3.56
Water Tightness (2000mm, 2h)Pass
Maximum Tensile Force (MD)(N/50mm, ≥)520
Maximum Tensile Force (XD) (N/50mm, ≥)460
Resistance to Tearing MD (Nail Shank)220
Resistance to Tearing XD (Nail Shank)220
Tensile Strength after Ageing (MD)(%,≥)80
Tensile Strength after Ageing (XD) (%,≥)80
Resistance to Water Penetration after Ageing(%,≥)80
Resistance to temperature-40°F to 240°F
Company Profile

Qinding New Materials is an innovative and global manufacturer of high-quality synthetic roofing underlayment materials.We have served the roofing industry with a long-term commitment by manufacturing high-quality synthetic roofing underlayment materials for years,and our primary goal is to maintain its leadership status by producing high performance,consistent quality products in the industry.

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Professional qualityOur roofing underlayment factory is one of the toproofing underlayment manufacturers in China, which producesroofing underlayment with CE,FM,ISO certified quality and various colors and sizes are available.

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Q:Is Roof Underlayment Necessary?
A:Underlayment is an important component to the overall roof system as it serves as an extra layer of protection for your roof. Roof underlayment will: Protect against moisture penetrating through the roof, resulting in leaks.Add extra insulation to your home to keep it from being drafty.Absorb noise from rain or other elements on the roof. * Ensure that the roofing material laid on it looks uniform and even .Keep your roofing warranty valid if applicable.
Q:What Is Synthetic Roof Underlayment?
A:Synthetic underlayment is a roofing accessory composed of laminated polypropylene or polyethylene plastic that goes over the roof deck and serves as an extra layer of protection from the elements for a roofing system. It has excellent durability as the material does not absorb moisture. This makes it the right material to choose when drying in a roof.
Q:How Long Can Synthetic Roof Underlayment Be Exposed?
A:Within a certain timeframe, synthetic underlayment can be left exposed to the elements and not be damaged. The time frame depends on the specific manufacturer of the underlayment as each is different. We recommend, roofing underlayment which can be exposed for 6 months to 12 months.
Q:Synthetic Underlayment Cost vs. Felt Underlayment Cost
A:Synthetic is a higher quality product but also comes with a higher cost.Non adhesive synthetic roof underlayment costs 17 cents to 25 cents per square foot * Self adhering underlayment cost 50 cents to 75 cents per square footFelt roof underlayment costs 5 cents to 10 cents per square foot.
Q:Synthetic Underlayment Weight Vs. Mil Thickness
A:Non adhesive synthetic roofing underlayment isn't created equally. There are lots of high quality synthetic roof underlayment brands , but there are also some low quality brands. They try to trick you with a lousy product and fancy marketing. The weight of the synthetic underlayment is a great indication of the quality of the underlayment. The membrane layer is where you get your water proofing and abrasion resistance. In an effort to save money, there are brands of synthetic underlayment that boast about their mil thickness. This can be misleading though as some of these underlayment have a fuzzy top layer for walkability that's a false indicator of the materials thickness.
Q:Is Synthetic Roof Underlayment Better Than Felt Underlayment?
A:Synthetic roof underlayment is the most preferred form of underlayment material for its strength and tear resistance. Synthetic was actually created to be a product that solved the problems that felt underlayment, or roofing felt, For years, felt was the go-to material to use for roofing underlayment. Only within the last two decades has synthetic underlayment hit the market as an improved product that would not have the problems with felt.
Q:Will the product length and width affect the product price?
A:The conventional width we manufacture is 1.5m,1.2m.The regular width is 1.2m.Can be customized if necessary.Product price is calculated according to the square meters.

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